“It is not too often that one is looking forward to a newsletter, but Gill  has the ability for you to have a positive impact on your life.  The straight forward indication of where and what you should think and act about, is rather refreshing, with a dash of humour and a lot of insight, makes you feel like you want to know more, a great time to either: discuss or ponder on.

Always informative and with a quest to want to have more, I for one, am always keen awaiting the latest version of the on-abouts of where we are heading with insightful and creative ways of Gill’s writing method.  A true winner.”

Debby Kleynhans

“Gill was spot on in completely understanding the look and feel of what we wanted to get across in our promotional launch video.
She came up with a concept and delivered an outstanding script, perfect for our audience.”


“Gill has edited many of my documents over my academic career. Having studied in the field of sciences it is often difficult to find an editor that can edit literature without the use of emotive language whilst still keeping the flow of the document. Gill managed to objectively edit my work and often condensed paragraphs to provide readers with a concise description of the subject matter. I would highly recommend the use of Gill as she provided invaluable assistance when compounding scientific reports and projects.”


“Gill Midgley is an extraordinary person which, of course, is reflected in her writing. The subject matter she writes about is deep and relevant and enriches our lives, giving us tools to enhance everyday living.

Her writing style is very much “the girl next door” in as much as she comes across warmly and informally whilst remaining tight, on point and incisive. I always get a good feeling when I see an update from her in my email inbox because it will undoubtedly be an uplifting read.”

Barry Leitch


“I was completing my MBA thesis believing I was really good with my English, sentence construction and management of paragraphing. Knowing how important it was to ensure the complexities of my theses were well communicated, I contracted Gill Midgley to do a quick review.

My word, what came back was clean, well constructed and more succinct than I could have imagined, nonetheless still getting the complex message across.

Gill followed up with several similar documents on behalf of my colleagues, all with similar success. I would highly recommend her in terms of her amazing talent and discipline in editing important documents.”

Stephen Duley


As I often collaborate with Deirdre in large projects, I am sharing a couple of examples of the testimonials that she receives.

From my perspective, I have trust and confidence in her work as she has a good grasp on grammar yet writes with unpretentious flair and from the heart. She is outstanding at
introducing colour into the ordinary. In addition, when I need attention to layout and those ‘frills’ that only those in the technical know can access, I turn to Deirdre and her
brilliant creativity.

Her husband Tony – a retired contractor from the construction industry – and co-owner of their company Artwritice, is also an excellent wordsmith and as such, a valuable associate
for the editing and proofreading of industrial documents.



“Artwritice (Tony & Deirdre Bartlett) is presently the back engine to my organisations. They deliver unparalleled copy expertise in an ever so critical universe where the use of language gives colour to meaning.

The relationship started as a rescue mission for my MBA in 2010, where Deirdre, in collaboration with Gill Midgley, helped navigate and structure the world of academia. It has since evolved into a copywriting and proofreading partnership across my executive clientele and creative communications platforms and mediums. 

No challenge is too much for the Artwritice wordsmiths, they always deliver great quality work consistently and on time.” 

Cedric Sikhakhane


“I have made use of both Deirdre and Tony’s services for the past 5 years for a variety of projects including business and academic fields involving a lot of technical jargon.

Their professionalism and approachability greatly assisted in getting results of an incredibly high standard as they picked up on details I had missed and expanded on areas I had overlooked. The work they completed covered not only grammar and spelling, but structure and formatting which added to the flow and clarity of the write ups. The work was always done in very good time – I have never missed a deadline! I am extremely happy with their work and will continue using them as trusted service providers.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services provided by Artwritice!”

Jason Germiquet