Reviews from our online courses:


Mindscapes in Childplay


Maria Frunza

“The course is useful for working with children. If I could give a note I would give a note 10. Thank you!”


Ann Mincher-Allen

I have been wanting to tell you how helpful it (this course) has been in finding activities to do with my little granddaughter who is 3. Sadly she lives in London so our contact is limited but I got the course with her in mind. It has helped me to see how unnecessary it is to purchase lots of  expensive gifts when they can enjoy just as much or more using what is around the house. When she visited us last Christmas, she and I had lots of fun doing simple things, and using many of your ideas. I wish she lived closer but I’m planning to visit them later this year – before she gets too much older. She’s been asking to come and visit Nana in Australia again, so perhaps we formed a bond and I’m sure your ideas helped in this.”


Meaningful Retirement


Pamela Dorey

“Like any journey, preparation makes the trip far more relaxing. And moving along that road toward retirement it does make sense to be prepared. For a clearer path, it pays to have some idea of how to choose which path best to take. Some insight as to what will make you most fulfilled takes a little thought. Getting to know yourself better in fact. We don’t often.”


Luis Maglanoc

“Very interesting and enlightening course for me.”


Ana Maria Filipe Rocha Pimentel

“The course exceeded my expectations. The contents are clear and very well explained, as well as illustrated. The teacher’s pleasant voice and sense of humor contribute to keep us interested in the themes, and the support materials are designed to help the student reflect and challenge themselves. I strongly recommend it to everyone who needs encouragement and motivation at this stage of their lives.”



The following clients have willingly volunteered to share what they have gained from life coaching:



Gill Midgley helped me immensely at a very difficult time in my life. I lost my job as an airline pilot towards the end of 2012 and had to do freelance work to pay the bills. I found a job at the end of 2014 flying contracts in Africa, while being very grateful to have work again this job took me away from my family for up to 10 weeks at a time. I have 2 young daughters and really struggled with being away from my family for long periods of time, such that on my first deployment I nearly resigned after 5 weeks.

I was home for about 4 weeks before I had to deploy again, I was really struggling with the thought of going back and being away from my family again. My wife got Gill’s number from a colleague and I made an appointment to see her. This was very short notice as I was leaving the next day. My experience with Gill was invaluable as she put everything into perspective for me and gave me the tools to be able to cope with my situation.

During this time I applied for numerous jobs at home and was granted a few interviews. I once again consulted Gill and she helped me immensely with how to answer interview questions and cast myself in the best possible light. The results were amazing and I got offers from all the interviews I attended.

I would recommend Gill to anyone who is going through a difficult time in their lives, be it at home or in the professional arena. Speaking on a personal level I know that I am a better person after having consulted with her, both in my private and professional life.


In August 2015 I did not recognise, nor like, the person I was becoming. I was in the middle of completing my Master’s degree and I was always moody, sick, exhausted, negative and I began to isolate myself. I knew that something needed to change but I just did not know where to start. A family member suggested I see a life coach. I knew from the first session with Gill that I was in the right place. Gill’s approach was structured and she was always willing to give more than the session required. Over the course of the weeks that followed, my weekly sessions with Gill became a time where I could rediscover myself and set my life back on track. Gill provided me with the tools to live in the moment without being overwhelmed by anxiety of the past or future, and Gill showed me the importance of having FUN – something that I had not had in a long time! With Gill’s guidance, I was able to refocus my priorities and really think about what I want out of life. My biggest take away from the sessions was how to be truly mindful. Mindfulness, if practised correctly, will change your life.



Why am I seeing Gill Midgley?

Three years ago, at the age of 22 years old, my precious son took his own life. I had spent the previous few years very busy with living life with all its light and darkness – my second husband had upped and left me; I had a bad car accident and had to spend a year in a wheelchair and on crutches and lost my business. And then, the tragedy of my son …

My life was just Time,.. could not believe that the world could keep on turning, the fact that I had a heartbeat and a pulse was amazing! The word TIME — means for me, everything is the same BUT nothing is the same.

So after a couple of years, this lady with the broken heart came to see Gill, I needed help so badly.

Gill has literally helped me to save my life – I say my life because that is what it is; all the most beautiful and all the awful ugly!

I feel like I can breathe again, and see those beautiful coloured sunsets, and feel the wind on my face, one gentle day at a Time.

So with huge, grateful appreciation I thank my life coach Gill for working with me and giving me the tools – again one at a TIME!

With love Helen


The time spent with Gill changed my life.

I have battled through life with a guilty conscience about most issues and also with very little self respect and no confidence. I come from a very abusive first marriage, something that just made me respect and like myself even less.

Time with Gill taught me that I am made perfect, am strong and good enough to have a wonderful and fulfilling life. I have learnt not to try and live other people lives for them , that “it is their story”, I have learnt not to live life based on fear and for the first time in my life I have realised who I am and what I would love to be and do with my life. I am 50 years old and am still making mistakes but am dealing with life so much better than before. Gill’s teaching and compassion have given me a new dimension in life.

My 4 darling daughters and parents are also treating me with lots of love and respect and I do believe that it is a direct result of the change in me.

I will never be able to express in words what Gill has done for me. I am forever grateful and love to share with people what changes she has inspired in me

I have realised that I have never done anything for the love of it but only because I had to. This is all changing now and I am excited about the future.

God bless her path as a life coach.