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This is a quick post to let you know that our latest course is live.

You can grab a preview of it at:

If self-consciousness is standing between you and a greater experience of life, then why not enrol in the course and Boot Out Self-Consciousness with Confidence.

Udemy courses are very affordable, but in the season of giving we do have a limited number of coupons to give away – these give you free access to the whole course. If you would like to make use of this offer, go to the page to enrol and enter the following coupon code in the place assigned for it:


Or if you know of anyone who may appreciate this course, you can give it as a gift, either by forwarding the free coupon, or by purchasing the course as a gift.

For the latter option, this is the simple procedure to follow which I have merely copied from the Udemy site and pasted – just to prove that it really is simple!

How to Gift a Course From the Course Landing Page

You can also gift a course that you’re not enrolled in from the Course Landing Page. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Course Landing Page of the course you wish to gift
  2. To the right of the course title, and above Preview This Course, click Gift this Course
  3. Enter the gift recipient’s name, email address, and the date you want the gift sent. You can also enter a personal message for them if you wish
  4. Click Proceed to Checkout. If you have a coupon code, you can enter it by clicking on Redeem a Coupon at the top.

How to Redeem Your Gift

If you’ve received a Udemy course as a gift, then you can quickly enroll in the course by following these steps:

  1. In the email notification you received for your gift, click Unwrap Your Gift
  2. Next, click Activate Your Gift, and you will be enrolled in the course

Or, you can also redeem your gift by going to, and entering the code that’s included in the gift notification you received. The code will include the word GIFT.

Please note that in order to redeem your gift, you will need to create a Udemy account, if you don’t already have one.

If you have decided to enrol, we would really appreciate your review on the completion of the course. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Enjoy the course and let’s all put self-approval above that of others.

Frequently asked by parents, grandparents, nannies or au pairs is the question: What can I do with a young child or grandchild that’s simple and easy, yet effective in bolstering imagination and confidence?

The busy life of parents leaves little time to think about the what and how of playing with young children, and that’s where our second online course, MindScapes in ChildPlay, can help you in providing many answers to this question, that are demonstrated by parents and their children.

Lala and floaty paper

Preview lectures have been posted on YouTube. Kyla and Cones


Most of the props in the course have three lectures dedicated to each one, simply because each and every one offers endless sensory explorations that generate fun-filled, open-ended activities.

Just Matthew heads in box

The golden rule of no right or wrong predominates throughout this course which in turn allows a freedom of expression in the complete absence of judgement.

We are all unique in our combination of talent and potential and MindScapes in ChildPlay encourages the confident emergence of this individuality in your child.

Please contact me gill@gillmidgley.coza for more information on this course.


MindScapes in ChildPlay Logo

Our new course for parents, or anyone who looks after young children, was launched today!

MindScapes in ChildPlay is now live and to celebrate the event we have allocated a number of free coupons to give away. These will give direct access to the course for free. If you or someone you know has young children (preschool age) or looks after them, such as grandparents or caregivers, send an email to  and on the basis of first come first served, we’ll have great pleasure sending them off.

The course is chock-a-block full of ideas to get you into the flow of seeing the endless possibilities that surround you within your home that will fire your imagination and in turn keep your child’s inner fire of curiosity well stoked. All the activities presented in the course are merely suggestions to encourage you into the mind-opening flow of seeing and realising the multi-sensory opportunities for exploration that are always present. The course provides you with initial prompts, suggestions and pointers to elicit your child’s participation as you play alongside him or her, but never to be insisted upon or dictated. MindScapes in ChildPlay is imbued with fun-filled free play in the complete absence of stodgy parameters of right and wrong. Simple as the open-ended props or playthings may be, they carry a dimensional depth that facilitates accessing those hidden gems of unique individuality.

MindScapes in ChildPlay makes an ideal gift for young parents, expecting mums (not forgetting baby showers), grandparents, doting aunts and anyone who spends time with preschool children.

The course is soaked in fun while demonstrating a variety of activities with an array of simple things, generating divergent thinking and a strong imagination, giving your child the confidence to be who he or she was born to be.


For more information on this course please contact me.





Sprinkling our sparkle


This is the time of the year when the months seem to hang on some kind of religious or celebratory festive occasion. So I am going to join the trend by sprinkling a little sparkle on the fading Valentine flowers with the offer of a free 40 minute one-on-one Skype coaching session with me, Gill. This offer extends to the next ten enrollments in the Meaningful Retirement course as from today to the end of February 2019. Participants will only be eligible for the coaching session at the completion of the course.

Please go to to sign up. Once you are enrolled and registered, send me a private message via the facility provided, with the words February Offer to ensure your coaching spot with me.

If you would like to receive more sparkles when they are sprinkled – usually monthly – please subscribe below.





Free from society’s conditioning, or the need to compare for appropriateness, this sunflower doesn’t know (nor does it care) when to put the brakes on. At 3.8m (12ft 5½ ins), it’s called sun-thriving!

Nor do we need to put the brakes on when we hit the 3rd Tri-cycle of life. In fact, we can sur-thrive by taking the brakes off and making  breakthroughs. Discover more at


The end of the year signals, ranging from merely a New Year’s date to perhaps, for some, children leaving the nest or the beginning of retirement.
Will life still be as meaningful after retirement?

What are you going to do next?

We’ve just launched a new online course through Udemy called Meaningful Retirement which shows you how to continue designing a life of meaning where your whole being says YES to LIVING.

new launch means discounts which can also translate as an affordable gift to yourself or someone close to you.

Click here for course

free yourself


Through a combination of video sessions, real life examples, downloads with exercises and probing questions you will gain conceptual tools to tackle this phase of life with a renewed perspective by discovering:

  • what really makes you tick, the real you (not the you everyone else expects you to be)
  • how to free yourself from all that ties you to the past, such as regrets
  • how to gain the courage to show up in life – it’s never too late!
  • options galore of what you can do – various activities and outlets where ideas for your third tri-cycle of life may germinate and flourish

This is a journey of exploration and discovery.

If the course resonates with you, we’d really appreciate it if you would post a review, and please, feel free to invite your friends to take it as well.