I believe that learning only stops with your last heartbeat, though this is optimal when led by an ageless curiosity – that has been the horse before my cart of life’s pursuits. Varied they have been with little to indicate an identifying theme other than, at some level, trying to understand what ‘it’ and ‘we’ are all about.

When I left school there were three career options favoured for girls: nurse, teacher or secretary. I chose nursing and after two weeks of it, fled to university where I completed a B.A. Honours – it’s a degree which does not provide a neat occupation label to fit into and perhaps that sums me up.

A career in television production spanned many years, offering oodles of variety and mindscape broadening, especially since I produced or worked on mostly documentary or magazine programmes.

Other than my lifelong love of writing, which evolved into a freelance service after the birth of my son, I researched and helped young children discover their creativity, studied a correspondence course in Naturopathy offered by an American college, gained a Magazine Journalism certification, as well as studying other healing modalities.

Inspired by my admiration for Martha Beck’s work, Life Coaching seemed to be a natural progression of my career path. Once again, I underwent training and gained certification.

Lately, my curiosity trends have followed personal and informal routes of seeking and gathering, amidst much introspection and reflection. I find that most appealing and rewarding.


“Normality is a paved road:
It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow”

~ Vincent van Gogh