This Chat letter is dedicated to someone for whom I have immense admiration, Charles Eisenstein – author, philosopher and speaker. I have done a couple of his courses and repeatedly been in awe of his insight, intelligence and integrity. Having studied the unusual combination of mathematics and philosophy at Yale University, what drove his life thereafter, for 15 to 20 years, was the question: “What is the origin of the wrongness in the world?” This is someone who definitely does not deliver the well-worn narratives.

So what’s this about?

From the course literature:

 “Charles has a new course coming out next month called Political Hope, featured on the One Commune platform. Political     Hope is a 10-day course that confronts our greatest fears and also offers an inspiring vision for how each of us can play a role in bringing about a much deeper political revolution than mere victory.

It’s become pretty obvious today, no matter what country you live in, that politics is frozen, that the left and the right, the Democrats and the Republicans or whatever it is in your country, that they’re stuck in a holding pattern incapable of doing anything but perpetuate an increasingly degraded version of the status quo and that this holding pattern is maintained through intense polarized positions on almost every issue.

This course is for the politically engaged who sense that nothing they do is actually making any difference, or they worry that their methods are part of maintaining the status quo.

And this course is also for the politically disengaged who can no longer stomach the endless divide between sides.

Bring your questions to this course. Start to ask: What has to change beyond winning? How do we heal the polarization that pits human against human and makes it impossible for us ever to alter the momentum of our society?

This course is your invitation to step into politics in a new way, in a way that might not even seem political—but rather is vastly more personal.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why nothing in politics ever seems to change or the change never lasts
  • How we can escape our war, side-versus-side mentality and end the polarization
  • The root source of our political anger and disagreement
  • Why the social and political change must rest on a new story of ourselves
  • How to align your activism with healing
  • How to bring spirituality into politics
  • What neither side of the political spectrum is talking about
  • What role you can play in creating a world that works for everyone

Our healing lies in the territory beyond what we’ve accepted as real and possible. We must bring new ideas to the table. Ideas that neither side is talking about. Most revolutions have been the changing of the guard. This course will offer hope for the much deeper revolution our hearts know is possible.

We can only do this together. ~ taken from Political Hope course literature

Please click on this link for more background information and to sign up for the course which begins on the 3 August 2020

If you sign up now there is a 50% discount on offer for the course!


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