Anxiety, Life Coaching


For some of you, anxiety over Covid 19 is all you can think about.

It’s a time of uncertainty, confusion and fear

with added stress over this new way of life.

Being human and battling with these new levels of stress, many of you just want to talk out your feelings with someone.

That is where I come in, by allocating a portion of my time for online or telephonic half hourly sessions.

I am a certified Life Coach helping remotely, a necessity at this time, to assist you managing your current issues.

I am offering my services and require only that you pay an amount that reflects your feelings of value and gratitude for the session.

Should you be unable to pay anything, you are still welcome to email me to book your time.

Please email me at stating whether you prefer Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. You will receive an email with a couple of questions to answer in preparation for your session. We will then discuss time and format for our remote chat.

Let me help you manage your anxiety and stress.

“We are here to help each other to get through this thing, whatever it is.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut