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Our new course for parents, or anyone who looks after young children, was launched today!


MindScapes in ChildPlay is now live and to celebrate the event we have allocated a number of free coupons to give away. These will give direct access to the course for free. If you or someone you know has young children (preschool age) or looks after them, such as grandparents or caregivers, send an email to  and on the basis of first come first served, we’ll have great pleasure sending them off.


For a preview of the course please click here


The course is chock-a-block full of ideas to get you into the flow of seeing the endless possibilities that surround you within your home that will fire your imagination and in turn keep your child’s inner fire of curiosity well stoked. All the activities presented in the course are merely suggestions to encourage you into the mind-opening flow of seeing and realising the multi-sensory opportunities for exploration that are always present. The course provides you with initial prompts, suggestions and pointers to elicit your child’s participation as you play alongside him or her, but never to be insisted upon or dictated. MindScapes in ChildPlay is imbued with fun-filled free play in the complete absence of stodgy parameters of right and wrong. Simple as the open-ended props or playthings may be, they carry a dimensional depth that facilitates accessing those hidden gems of unique individuality.


MindScapes in ChildPlay makes an ideal gift for young parents, expecting mums (not forgetting baby showers), grandparents, doting aunts and anyone who spends time with preschool children.


The course is soaked in fun while demonstrating a variety of activities with an array of simple things, generating divergent thinking and a strong imagination, giving your child the confidence to be who he or she was born to be.