The end of the year signals, ranging from merely a New Year’s date to perhaps, for some, children leaving the nest or the beginning of retirement.
Will life still be as meaningful after retirement?

What are you going to do next?

We’ve just launched a new online course through Udemy called Meaningful Retirement which shows you how to continue designing a life of meaning where your whole being says YES to LIVING.

new launch means discounts which can also translate as an affordable gift to yourself or someone close to you.

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Free yourself

Through a combination of video sessions, real life examples, downloads with exercises and probing questions you will gain conceptual tools to tackle this phase of life with a renewed perspective by discovering:

  • what really makes you tick, the real you (not the you everyone else expects you to be)
  • how to free yourself from all that ties you to the past, such as regrets
  • how to gain the courage to show up in life – it’s never too late!
  • options galore of what you can do – various activities and outlets where ideas for your third tri-cycle of life may germinate and flourish

This is a journey of exploration and discovery.

If the course resonates with you, we’d really appreciate it if you would post a review, and please, feel free to invite your friends to take it as well.

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