The story we repeatedly tell ourselves – about ourselves or our circumstances – is often one that echoes strongly within our circle of close friends. If we are like-minded we’ll no doubt share important values as well as find common ground in the ‘issues department’ where we can thrash out a good old moan.

Besides being like-minded, ‘close’ suggests trust and support and therefore our circle of friends offers a safe space in which to air nagging grievances and in the process lighten the load,or so it feels.

Feeling lighter is great but finding answers and greater clarity is a whole lot better.

I can take this up a transformative notch or two, by providing you with practical and informative tools and a ‘can do’ approach to turning around concerns and issues.

I am offering a mini workshop for you and a group of your friends in the convenience of your home. The familiar and informal setting of your home will provide a relaxed atmosphere, allowing openness to new ideas and the gentle questioning of thoughts.

Rather than slipping into a rut of dissatisfaction by going over and over the same old button-pushing issues,

let me help you turn your issues around and free you to move forward with your life.


Of course, there is no reason why Coffee Corner Chat with a Coach cannot happen in the virtual realm too via Skype.

If you are interested, please click here so we can  have a pre-chat, and then set a date when you and a few of your friends can get together in your home (if within a reasonable distance of Fourways in Johannesburg), or around a laptop, all with coffee on hand!

Mutually suitable times can be arranged, including Saturdays and early evenings.

Workshops and all enquiries are strictly confidential.