Sharing your experience of life with others can lead to personal growth, if you so choose ….                                   But if your perception of what others do and say is confined within the parameters of your measure of expectations and consequences, well then, you are probably missing out on a whole lot of enjoyment in life.

Ask yourself if you are really the best person to interpret the intentions of others. Do you honestly believe that others take time out of their own busy lives to scheme against you? If you answered ‘yes’, then perhaps you should capitalise on your breakthrough ability of entering the minds of others to establish the absolute truth on intentions.

We all experience a time when we feel we’ve been wronged. But if we allow that feeling to form the premise for all relationships that follow and our ensuing behaviour, then our potential to experience and grow is severely impaired.

Your life is your creation and when something occurs that involves another, it’s a co-creation.

Living life is like weaving a tapestry – where you choose to end off each time, creates the beginning for the next phase. The end and the beginning are the same thing. The colours and textures of your tapestry depict the way you experience life, what you notice and where you choose to focus your energy. So if you end off the day with Peggy forgot my birthday, Jane is so extravagant and John is lazy and utterly disrespectful towards me, that forms the launching pad of your next beginning. Where you tied it off, is where you have to continue. If you start a beginning on a consolidation of the past, where the past is a whole bunch of woes, then you are subsequently projecting the past as your new beginning to a point of standstill.

A point of standstill reflects an over-riding protection response and if you are in protection response, it is physically impossible to be in growth response – see cell biologist Bruce Lipton Ph.D. in past blog The eroding power of hearing and sharing. It’s what I call the P and G modes.

If you’re in the P mode you fear that you are:

  • not being respected,
  • being taken advantage of,
  • too poor,
  •  not clever enough,
  • not good enough,
  • being threatened ….

In G mode you:

  • embrace uncertainty,
  • welcome adventure,
  • see and enjoy the positives in others,
  • accept and honour yourself,
  • continue to grow,
  • are open…..

Weaving all the bad things into a tapestry reflects a P mode life. It may be well woven but the picture is still offensive and of no value – a very sad source of projection.

As you weave the next phase, rather than weaving all the bad things together, you can choose to create a new beginning for tomorrow by the way you tie off.

“Correspond not to the order that once was failure to begin a new beginning”~ Serapis Bey

Instead of living life in tally mode or trading mode, where your code of conduct equates to “I’ll do this provided you do that”, transform your life into an experience of sharing – sharing your energy, your effort, your love. A good way to start is by doing something for someone who cannot repay you, as in give and forget.

“Sharing does not come in quantities.

 So there is no need to stylise an approach to what is forthcoming and freely available without measure or consequence.

 If you ration something, it is because you fear an inappropriate disposal.” ~ Serapis Bey

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