Life Coaching

How do you grow your bounty?

Often people, especially the young, think that a huge salary equals success. So with their salary-detecting radar finely tuned, they head off in search of the matching job or career.

If all your work pursuits are dictated by their money-earning potential only, you are bound to remain with a bitter-sweet taste. Sweet from possibly succeeding in accruing a large amount, and bitter from the nagging feeling of emptiness that continues to haunt your days.

The question to ask yourself is if your bank balance equalled that of the icons of wealth, what would you do with it? Your answer may entail a mighty long list, but it would also have an ending. Then what would you do?

 “If all the year were playing holidays To sport would be as tedious as to work” ~William Shakespeare

I had a chat with a young man who was very keen to work in the bush. He found the work of game ranging extremely appealing; however, he was very concerned that in such a vocation he would not earn enough money. What exactly is enough money?

So I posed an alternative for him to consider – a job in the urban environment with a ‘fat’ salary. To reach and maintain the level that would ensure affluence, he would have to devote much of his time to his work. And when the objective underlying the work isn’t aligned with your true desire, ‘work’ really can become a four letter word. In this scenario, time off would not be a given and holidays would probably not be more than two to three weeks a year. And where would he go for those precious holidays? To the bush, of course.

As a game ranger, on the other hand, he would spend every hour of every day in the environment that he loved, studying and working with wildlife, which, to him, was more meaningful than anything that money could buy.

The highs one gets from fancy acquisitions are temporary.  Passion-driven fulfilment however, sustains a sense of peace and an open portal for the constant expansion of potential. From such a platform, who knows how far your primary choice of career will launch you and how well your bounty will grow?

 “Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it.” ~
Henry David Thoreau