Life Coaching

Who or what are you? continued

In his book, Alchemy of the Heart, Michael Brown describes the real You as the observer or witness of all the experiences that you have during the course of your life.

Despite all the stories we tell ourselves about who and what we are, there is a part of us that is able to step out of any experience we are currently having as a “witness” or “observer.” This part of us is always whole and untouched by any physical, mental, or emotional experience.

The more we identify with this whole part of ourselves, the more integrated, or whole, we feel.

                                                              ~extract from Alchemy of the Heart by Michael Brown

This distinction was clearly illustrated by a client’s words the other day, when she despaired, “I don’t like me very much at the moment.” Who or what is the ‘I’ and who or what is the ‘me’? The ‘I’ is always the same, but the ‘me’ can display a myriad appearances.