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Indecision … “what or which one would you like?”

“What or which one would you like?”

Does this question usually launch you into the decision wrestler’s arena where you struggle to penetrate the opaque fog that surrounds your real likes and preferences?

Many circumstances can cause us to attract the indecisive label, which is something we can explore in another blog, but for now let’s look at the age old practice of tossing a coin.

The other day I was wavering between a ‘should I’ or ‘shouldn’t I’ option when a friend of mine pulled out a yes/no coin and tossed it. As it landed with ‘no’ facing upwards, I had a split second flash of the ‘oh no!’ feeling.

This is a simple example which demonstrates that the answer is definitely there within us. By peeling away the layers comprising what others may think, resident voices of our parents, society’s trends and the fearful ‘what if’s regarding outcome, we remove the gag from our true self’s expression. Once we hear our truth, taking risks will not be a frivolous gamble.

We are here on earth to experience life, and whatever choices we make, whether we eventually deem them wrong or not, are additions to our experiences. Not making a choice is a waste of time and a way to perpetuate stagnation.

Once you get into the habit of embracing decision-making as opposed to recoiling from it, the growing boldness of your demeanour will effect a feedback loop and encourage the security of your real voice’s expression.

So for starters, while you’re deciding to leave the dithering zone, try tossing a coin, and take note of your very first response to the result. That’s the interpretation of your real desire.

“Indecision is the seedling of fear” – Napoleon Hill (author)