Life Coaching

Is your self-image or true self winning?

Upholding a self-image is unnecessary high maintenance.

Understanding that we are the believer of our thoughts, explains the mask or image that we outwardly portray. The underlying obsession that we all have mirrors the self-image. And to this image we add the perceptions of others as they relay the story of ourselves to us. When we relate to others we do so in terms of cause and effect – If I do or say this, I should elicit that response.

Holy cow, so what or who is the true self and how can it fare in the battle of emergence?

Well if the definition of image is a mental picture compiled by our thoughts, self-image means the image we adopt to portray ourselves. And whether our self-image is positive or not, it’s still not real, it’s just an image. The positive one is just easier to carry. The true self, on the other hand, is who we were born to be and not offered for adoption.

To discern the true self through the racing thoughts vying for prominence, we need to enter into the state of peace and the first step in this process is relaxation. A relaxed mind dilutes worry and the need for protective masks. Don’t strain at resisting the entrance of thoughts; just allow them to pass through you.

In this state of peaceful openness we are able to recognise our real self from the amiable perspective of true worth. With growing appreciation of our true worth comes self-realisation. We cannot entertain anxiety and appreciation at the same time, just as we cannot fear and love simultaneously.

So, fall in love with your true worth and the need for an image will fall away.