Create your own niche in life – Part 1

If the question what do you want to do in life? triggers anxious beads of perspiration on your furrowed forehead, it’s time to relax and set aside a coffee date with yourself!

If you have explored various fields, perhaps studied an array of subjects, but at the end of the day you don’t have a safety net with the neat label of architect, lawyer or dentist, then what?

Well the good news is that the thinking mode of finding a job that you can fit into is passé. The present day approach is a matter of attracting work opportunities that fit in with you and your preferred lifestyle. Instead of work representing a mould into which you squeeze yourself, you become the mould and find work that fits into it.

According to Robin Wheeler, transformation specialist, speaker and author, the whole market is changing exponentially fast into something beyond what we currently know. It’s time to fully embrace innovation. However, you can only be innovative if you know yourself.

That may sound easier said than done. But it can be easy, if you relax and remove the gag from your inner, true voice. You will find this exercise liberating as well as enjoyable.  Write down what you feel are your strengths and talents. Then bounce the list off a close and honest friend. Friends may even point out talents that you overlooked. Don’t be alarmed if your talents present an extreme range of diversity like floral art to mathematical problem solving. You are just sorting out all the threads that weave the tapestry called you.

Consider what you like about yourself. No-one is going to look at this, so feel free to be as honest and open as possible. Sit in front of the mirror and talk it out. Now if you think whacko has reached insane and it’s time to call the men in white coats, just try it first.

To be continued …