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 If you are browsing here, chances are that you are feeling as if enjoyment is being sucked out of your life or parts of   it. Instead of peace and joy reigning supreme, worry, confusion or anxiety are wreaking havoc.

These three fall into the fear camp along with many other peace busters. They are the gremlins which come between   you and your birthright which is ‘to enjoy your life.’ They also make it very difficult for you to hear your inner voice – where your true guidance from your true self lies.

But before you feel, you have to think!

Thoughts precede feelings. Some thoughts bustle about in the mind facilitated by culture, parents, peers, society, experiences …  So you gained them after you were born and therefore they do not represent the true you.

Some thoughts are necessary and beneficial while others are fear’s gremlins.

Let me help you

  • change your peace-busting thoughts and beliefs,
  • find your true voice and direction
  • have a fulfilling life


“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

 ~ William Shakespeare

 About once a month I reach out through sprinkling some words around.

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