Welcome to my website displaying my two services which share equal dedication and commitment.


It is all about communication, whether in the written form or verbally, conveying intention, shaping relationships with others or with the self.



            Ever since I knew how to write, 
 Writing has always been an essential part of who I am

                    -- and ---

   Life Coaching naturally evolved out of a lifelong
   quest to know what makes people tick and how well
   they allow that true instinct to lead their lives


After completing a B.A. Honours I spent many years in the television industry in research, scriptwriting and producing magazine and documentary programmes – an experience that accelerated the broadening of my mindscape as my work covered a myriad subjects and destinations. The programmes that I chose to produce always leant towards health of mind, emotion and body.

When I entered into motherhood I evolved into a freelance writer/editor while I also taught young children to unleash creativity. I have gained a vast experience in many genres of writing and editing from academic to creative, and recently even dipped my pen into the poetry inkwell.

I believe that learning only stops with your last heartbeat, and I have continued to learn or study, whether formally or informally, throughout my life.  I studied Naturopathy through an American College, gained certifications in Magazine Journalism, and in Reconnective Healing. I regularly attended an informal discussion group on Carl Jung.

I was introduced to Dr Martha Beck’s books and found the practicality of her insight and methods for steering oneself in the direction of fulfilment, truly ingenious. I underwent her life coach training and gained my certification as a Life Coach.

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