How I Coach

Life Coaching is a process in which, together, we explore the areas of your life which are least satisfying, the roots of your stress, the thoughts and beliefs about your self that you have adopted, and other possible issues that hold you back. There is a wide range of tools and I draw upon those best suited to you, to assist you to access your truth and find your direction. I offer you my trust, strict confidentiality, compassion and my full commitment to your journey.

I infuse my coaching with spontaneity, creativity and intuition, without deviating from the process.

There is valuable knowledge gained from emotions, intuition, inspiration, insight, creativity, and wisdom. Deepak Chopra

The duration of each coaching session is approximately an hour.

My practice is situated in Magaliessig (next to Fourways in Johannesburg). Alternatively, I am happy to coach you via Skype or the telephone.

Wherever, whoever and however you are in the world, we can connect!