I have always been interested in knowing what makes people tick and quizzically marvelled at those who appear to effortlessly gain momentum in a direction that is aligned with passion.

After completing a B.A. Honours I spent many years in the television industry – an experience that accelerated the broadening of my mindscape as I worked on programmes that covered a myriad subjects and destinations.

When I entered motherhood I evolved into a freelance writer, and I taught young children to unleash creativity. I studied Naturopathy through an American College, gained certifications in Metamorphosis healing, Magazine Journalism, and in Reconnective Healing under Dr Eric Pearl. I regularly attended an informal discussion group on Carl Jung.

I was introduced to Dr. Martha Beck’s books and found the practicality of her insight and methods for steering oneself in the direction of fulfilment, truly ingenious. I underwent her life coach training and gained my certification as a Martha Beck Life Coach.

Fulfilment is the best medicine and I encourage you to appreciate yourself and to savour your life. It’s never too late to change.