Hope is everlasting. Without it we should surely perish because it is that which holds us to the substrate of our tenuous existence. We linger in the realm of possibilities yet hesitate at the temptation to venture. This is not reason but rather a choice. For taking a step would indeed reflect back to the grounding point with which we are beset. Where do we go when we require answers? To that haven called hope – the tenet that dilutes our despair. Despair without hope would render us immobile in the face of moving forward.

We cannot cripple or enchain the seedlings of growth that surge forth. What we do not know is that propensity must advance and we cannot stampede it. If we look and yes enquire, we hold the staff of hope foremost and ahead to lighten what we dread. For life without the tunnel of escape would turn despair to the damnation of finality. It is the possibility of new that keeps the wheel turning, however slowly it may grind.

Hope embodies reason to be, the continuation.
It is the opposite of knowing, no?
For if you know, why would you need to hope?

Hope carries the desire for a favoured outcome in the face of uncertainty.
Absolutely knowing does not change uncertainty which remains the absolute constant that underlies the fabric of life. There is only one constant in life and that is change. For example, if somebody has told you that he/she does not love you, that knowing does not make it absolute. If hope were to be subtracted, how would change happen in the face of apparent adversity? Hope is the counterbalance for despair. It is the perpetuator of human life as we currently know it.

As a more evolved consciousness we would not need to entertain hope but rather an acceptance of the innate power of creation. For to will, will be. It is not faith, it is even beyond believing.
Hope commandeers force. The critical life force thinking, with which it shares consequence of thought.

How do we go from hope to creating?
Hope disseminates the seeds for creation. We hope for many things, but what we see is only our sub-conscious perception, whether it be self-sabotaging or an adopted victim persona.

Intention is your forethought.
What is the truth of your intention that you think lies beyond your conception? The capacity to believe in secret manifestation.

Your thought interacts between you and your intention to fulfil your dreams, your deepest desires. So if your intention is to be successful, but your thoughts are self-sabotaging, the consequence is reflective of your thoughts.

When you have thoughts of desperation, hope commandeers a new beginning, a deeper thought in self-value.


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